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Omron CQM1-TC002
  • Omron CQM1-TC002
  • Omron CQM1-TC002
  • Omron CQM1-TC002
  • Omron CQM1-TC002

Omron CQM1-TC002

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Omron CQM1-TC002 Temperature Control Unit for J K Thermocouple

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Omron CQM1-TC002 Temperature Control Unit for J K Thermocouple

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  • The PID with advanced feed-forward circuitry (2 degrees of freedom) of the CQM1-TC00@/TC10@ assures stable temperature control. The Units can be set to ON/OFF control.
  • CQM1-TC00@ Temperature Control Units for thermocouples and CQM1-TC10@ Temperature Control Units for platinum resistance thermometers are available. Each Temperature Control Unit can be used for two-loop temperature control.

Input Sensors and set point ranges

  • Sensors used with thermocouples
  • CQM1-TC00@ K: –200 to 1,300 °C (–300 to 2,300 °F)
  • CQM1-TC00@ J: –100 to 850 °C (–100 to 1,500 °F)

Control output

  • PNP output with short-circuit protection
  • Power supply voltage: 24 VDC +10%/–15%
  • Maximum switching capacity: 100 mA per output

Control Mode

  • ON/OFF or advanced PID control (2 degrees of freedom)