GENERAL PROVISIONS This return policy is issued in accordance with the law no. 40/1964 of the Civil Code as amended by latter regulations abiding the act no. 250/2007 regarding customer protection and act no. 372/1990 regarding changes in law governing violations of latter regulations, as well as other generally binding legal regulations of Slovak Republic. This return policy governs the claims on the goods sold by Diylog s.r.o. residing at Novy Perjes 174/16, 946 32 Marcelova, Slovak Republic, organization ID: 47 345 292, tax ID: 2023824418 in accordance with its business subject. This policy is mutually binding for both the seller and the buyer. This return policy informs the buyer about the extent, conditions and methods of applying the claim, including information about where to apply the claim and how the company performs warranty repairs. As the buyer takes the goods in his/her own possession he/she agrees with this warranty policy and confirms that he/she was informed with its content. Reference to the warranty policy is listed on the receipt confirming the payment for the ordered goods. INTERPRETATION OF TERMS In this warranty policy Diylog s.r.o. is the company that is referred to as the seller. In this warranty policy the buyer is referred to any individual or legal person who acted as a customer and bought product/s from the seller through his sales network or directly from the e-shop on the official webpage. The buyer has the right to apply the claim for defect liability. In this warranty policy the claim stands for the product defects liability application. In this warranty policy the claim settling stands for a finished claim process with a delivered repaired product, product exchange, money reimbursement, redeemed price discount, and/or justified claim rejection. In this warranty policy the expert assessment stands for a connoisseur´s statement or a standpoint given by an authorized, notified or accredited person, or a statement of a person authorized by the manufacturer to conduct the guarantee refurbishments. RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEFECTS The sold goods must have the required, possibly by legal regulations established quality, quantity, measurements or weight, and must be free of defects. The goods must meet the obligatory technical norms. The seller is responsible for the defected goods the buyers receive and also for the defects that happen to the product within the warranty period after they are delivered to the buyer. The seller is not responsible for the defected goods that are sold at discounted price because of the known defects. The warranty period for new goods is 24 months. The warranty period for used goods is 12 months. The warranty is valid from the day when the buyer receives the goods. It is mandatory for the seller to provide a written warranty if requested by the buyer. Proof of purchase is a sufficient document in some cases based on the product´s nature. With a declaration stated in the warranty issued to the buyer or in an advertisement the seller can provide a warranty period that exceeds the warranty legally determined in the Civil Code. The seller sets the conditions and the extent of this guarantee in the warranty. The time period when the buyer files a warranty claim for the defected goods until he/she takes the repaired goods back is not counted in the warranty period. If an exchange of goods happens, the warranty will take on a new expiration date and will count from the day the buyer receives the exchanged good. This applies also for the exchange of a component that has a guarantee. When the buyer exchanges a defected good, he/she will receive a document marking the exchanged good. Possible future warranty claims are handled in accordance with the original delivery note and this warranty document. The buyer´s rights towards the seller regarding the defected goods will cease to exist if they are not enforced within the warranty time limit. WARRANTY CONDITIONS The buyer is required to check the completeness of the delivered goods and the competent documents (tax papers, invoice, warranty, user manual or any other papers needed for the purchased product operation). . If the package is delivered by a carrier or a postal service and the buyer recognizes any malfunctions or defects, it is required from the buyer to fill out a complaints protocol about obvious defects such as package incompleteness, quantity of goods, completeness of papers, or any other obvious defects. Later claims regarding obvious product defects, package and document incompleteness, that could have been detected when the buyer received the package, cannot be acknowledged and the claim is considered unwarranted. The buyer is required to read the warranty conditions including the operating manual and follow the instructions before the first use of our product. The warranty covers functional defects that happen during the manufacturing process.This warranty is valid only if the product is used for purposes intended covered in the product description. We will make the final warranty decisions after inspecting the product.Manufacturer is obliged to respond the customer and the dealer within 14 days upon receiving the claim whether the damage and/or defect meets the conditions for replacement. For all warranty claims, please contact Diylog s.r.o. or your nearest distributor.We reserve the final right to decide whether the granted guarantee will result in repair, price discount or replacement. Not covered by the warranty: Defects caused by wear and tear and by overuse Defects caused by not using the product under conditions stated in the competent documents, possibly using the product under conditions that do not fit the product´s nature Defects resulting from mishandling the product that is contrary to its operational manual and also from bad maintenance and cleaning Defects caused by using different components from the ones recommended by the seller or supplier Mechanically caused damage that happened after the package was delivered to the buyer Defects caused by unprofessional assembly or by unprofessional operation Defects caused by product repair or product modification performed by people other than the authorized professionals Defects caused by natural forces Goods with damaged safety seals and stickers, if present on the product Mechanical damage or other visible defects and incompleteness of goods that are not claimed when the package is received by the buyer and if the damage is not detectable upon the first inspection and the claim is postponed damaged goods that are still being used if the continued usage increases the damage extent and prevents possible repairs utility components used up before the warranty due date the buyer was aware of the product defect before receiving the package, respectively the buyer was given a notice about the defect and therefore the buyer received a price discount claims submitted after the warranty period expired. Damage due improper storage and handling of the product Damage caused by anything other than defects in the material or workmanship APPLYING THE RIGHT FROM LIABILITY FOR DEFECTS The buyer can apply the rights from liability for defects of goods at the seller´s address via mail or email To redeem the claim, the buyer is required to submit the warranty and a proof of purchase or a document that confirms the payment for the goods. If the requested papers are not submitted by the buyer, the claim will not be accepted. Incomplete or incorrectly altered warranty is invalid. The buyer is required to submit papers about possible previous repairs related to the warranty. The buyer exactly describes the defect of the product and also ways the defect manifests itself. In the claim the buyer also provides a contact address (home address, phone number, e-mail) at which the buyer will be notified about the claim settlement. The first day of the complaints process is the day the buyer redeems the claim by the seller or at the authorized service center. The buyer can personally redeem the claim by submitting the defected product together with the competent documents to the seller or at the authorized service center and the day this happens is considered the first day of complaints process. In case the buyer ships the defected product with competent documents, the first day of the complaints process is the day the seller or an authorized service center receive the package with the defected product along with the competent documents. The buyer needs to submit all the required documents to start the claims process. If the submitted documents aren´t readable and the goods are incomplete, the claims process starts the day all the required documents and complete goods are submitted. If the buyer does not provide the missing documents and goods upon the seller´s appeal, the claim will not be acknowledged. SETTLING THE WARRANTY CLAIM When claiming the defected goods in person, an authorized person issues the buyer a receiving report as a proof of warranty application. If the warranty claim is applied via means of distance communication, the seller must immediately issue the buyer a confirmation of warranty acceptance. If the confirmation cannot be delivered immediately, it must be done so without any delay, at the latest together with the warranty settling document. The warranty application confirmation does not have to be delivered if the buyer can prove the claim application by other means. If the buyer applies the warranty claim, the seller or another authorized employee must instruct the buyer about his/her rights according to § 622 and § 623 of Civil Code. Based on the buyer´s rights from liability for defects the seller must declare the means of warranty claim settlement immediately and in complicated cases this must be done within 3 business days from the claim enforcement. In reasonable cases especially when difficult technological assessment of product or service is required, the seller must declare the means of claim settlement not later than 30 days from the day of claim enforcement. After the mean of claim settlement has been specified, the claim is immediately settled. In valid cases it is possible to settle the warranty claim later, however the claim settlement must not last more than 30 days from the claim enforcement day. After the warranty claim deadline is over, as stated in point 3 of this article, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or can apply the product exchange right for a new product. During a clearly unreasonable warranty claim applied by the buyer, the seller has the right to request reimbursement for the expenses accrued by the warranty claim. The seller issues an output protocol to the buyer not later than 30 days from the warranty enforcement day, this protocol serves as a warranty claim settlement proof. Along with delivering the output protocol, the seller also fulfills the obligations resulting the warranty (submits the repaired claimed goods, submits new products as an exchange for claimed products, reimburses the purchase price, alternatively returns the claimed product given the warranty claim was rejected). The seller must keep records of all the warranty claims and submit the registry upon a request from the surveillance for consultation organ. The warranty claim registry must contain the following data: warranty claim application date, date and means of warranty settlement, and warranty application document serial number. METHODS OF WARRANTY CLAIM SETTLEMENT If a defect occurs on the product during the warranty period and the defect can be removed, the buyer has the right for free, proper and timely defect removal. The seller must remove the defect without delay. The seller decides what means of defect removal will be applied. Instead of defect removal, the buyer can request product exchange. If only a certain component of the product is defected this component can be exchanged given the seller does not acquire inadequate expenses considering the product value or the defect severity. Instead of removing the defect, the seller can replace the damaged product for a perfect new one if it doesn´t cause the buyer severe complications. Removable defects are those defects whose removal does not worsen the quality and utility features of the product. The buyer has the right to request a free product exchange or withdraw from the sale contract if: a defect arises that cannot be removed and which hinders the product usage as if it was without defects there are removable defects on the product, however due to the repeated defect occurrence the product cannot be properly used; with repeated defect occurrence after repairs we consider a situation when the exact defect occurs for the third time after at least two previous repairs there are removable defects, however the buyer cannot properly use the product due to a bigger amount of defects; this means at least three different removable defects at the same time that hinder the proper product usage the seller does not settle the warranty claim within the statutory 30-day time limit (in this case it is considered an irremovable defect) If other irremovable defects occur on the product, the buyer is entitled for an adequate purchase price discount. When handling the warranty claim by providing a purchase price discount, the degree of use, the defect character and the further possibilities of product use are taken in consideration. The seller decides about the discount amount. The seller must handle the warranty claim and settle the claim process with one of the following methods: by submitting the repaired product, by product exchange, by reimbursing the purchase price (if the buyer withdraws from the sale contract) by redeeming an adequate purchase price discount, by a written appeal to accept the fulfillment, by a reasonable warranty claim rejection. The warranty claim settlement does not affect/touch the buyer´s right to liquidated damages according to law no. 294/1999 Codex about the liability for damages caused by defective statements as amended in latter regulations. FINAL PROVISIONS The seller reserves the right to make changes to this return policy without any prior warning. This return policy enters into force on 24.2.2016