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Omron CJ1

Omron CJ1G-CPU42H ver.3.0
Omron CJ1G-CPU42H ver.3.0 CPU Unit

Omron CJ1G-CPU43H Ver. 3.0
Omron CJ1G-CPU43H Ver. 3.0 PLC CPU Unit

Omron CJ1M-CPU12 Ver 4.0
Omron CJ1M-CPU12 Ver 4.0 PLC CPU

Omron CJ1M-CPU21 Ver 3.0
Omron CJ1M-CPU21 PLC CPU Ver 3.0

Omron CJ1M-CPU22 ver 3.0
Omron CJ1M-CPU22 ver 3.0 CJ-series PLC CPU Unit

Omron CJ1M-CPU22 ver 4.0
Omron CJ1M-CPU22 ver 4.0 CJ-series PLC CPU Unit

Omron CJ1M-CPU23 Ver. 3.0
Omron CJ1M-CPU23 Ver. 3.0 CJ-series PLC CPU Unit Number of I/O points - 640 Maximum number of Expansion Racks - 1 Rack Maximum number of connectable Modules - CPU Rack: 10 Modules, Expansion Rack: 10 Modules Program capacity 20 Ksteps Data memory capacity 32Kwords (DM only, no EM) LD instruction processing speed - 100 ns Buit-in ports - Peripheral and RS232C port Mountable options - Memory Card (compact flash) Built in I/O - 10 inputs and 6 outputs Inputs: 4 interrupt inputs (pulse catch); 2 high-speed counter inputs (Phase differential: 50 kHz; Single phase: 100 kHz) Outputs: 2 pulse outputs (2 points for positioning, 100-kHz speed control, and PWM output) Same instruction set as the more powerful CJ1G/H Completely compatible with all CJ1 I/O Up to 64 MB flash memory available for many timesaving programming uses Serial PLC Link allows simple communication among 9 CJ1 PLCs (1 master, 8 slaves) A pulse I/O instruction takes advantage of positioning capabilities in the CPU22 and the CPU23 Easy terminal block connection for built-in I/O (CPU22 and CPU23) CPU22 and CPU23 have built-in pulse catch inputs which will detect pulses that are quicker than the CPU cycle time

Omron CJ1W-CLK21-V1 ver.1.2
Omron CJ1W-CLK21-V1 ver.1.2 Controller Link Unit

Omron CJ1W-ID211
Omron CJ1W-ID211 PLC Input Unit

Omron CJ1W-ID211(SL)
Omron CJ1W-ID211(SL) PLC Input Unit

Omron CJ1W-ID231
Omron CJ1W-ID231 Input Unit 32 Points with Connector

Omron CJ1W-MD233
Omron CJ1W-MD233 Input-Output Unit

Omron CJ1W-NC113 Ver 2.3
Omron CJ1W-NC113 ver. 2.3Omron CJ1W-NC113 Position control unit,1 axis,NPN open collector pulse string output, 500kHz

Omron CJ1W-NC213 Ver 2.3
Omron CJ1W-NC213 Ver 2.3

Omron CJ1W-NC413 ver. 2.0
Omron CJ1W-NC413 ver. 2.0 Position Control Unit

Omron CJ1W-NC413 ver. 2.3
Omron CJ1W-NC413 ver. 2.3 Position Control Unit

Omron CJ1W-OC201
Omron CJ1W-OC201 Output Unit

Omron CJ1W-OC211
Omron CJ1W-OC211 PLC 16x Relay Output Unit

Omron CJ1W-OD211
Omron CJ1W-OD211 PLC Output Unit

Omron CJ1W-OD231
Omron CJ1W-OD231 Output Unit 32 Points with connectorFully TestedSpecificationsOutput type - SinkingI/O points - 32 OutputsMaximum switching capacity - 12 to 24 VDC, 0.5 ACommons - 16 points, 1 commonExternal connection - Fujitsu ConnectorNo. of words allocated - 2

Omron CJ1W-OD232 Transistor Output Unit (32 Points)
Omron CJ1W-OD232 32-point Transistor Output Unit with MIL Connector (Sourcing Outputs) Rated Voltage - 24 VDC Operating Load Voltage Range - 20.4 to 26.4 VDC Maximum Load Current 0.5 A/point, 2.0 A/common, 4.0 A/Unit

Omron CJ1W-OD233
Omron CJ1W-OD233A1189

Omron CJ1W-PA202
Omron CJ1W-PA202 PLC Power Supply

Omron CJ1W-PA205R
Omron CJ1W-PA205R PLC Power Supply