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Omron CQM1

OMRON CQM1-AD042 Analog input unitSpecificationsNumber of inputs : 4Input ranges : -10 V to +10 V, 0 V to 10 V, 0 V to 5 V, 0 mA to 20 mAResolution : 12 bitsAccuracy : 25 °C 0.5%, 0 to 55 °C 1 %Conversion speed : 1.2 ms / channelInsulation : 500 V AC between output and PLC busCurrent consumption : 170 mA at 5 V DCInput type : DifferentialInput impedance : voltage 1 MW, current 250 WPower supply : internal DC/DC converter

Omron CQM1-CPU11
Omron CQM1-CPU11 Programmable Controller PLC CPU Unit The CQM1 is a compact, high-speed PC composed of a Power Supply Unit, a CPU Unit, and I/O Units. All of these Units connect at the sides to form a single PC, which is normally mounted to a DIN track. Main Features The CPU Unit provides 16 built-in input terminals. I/O Units can be added to increase I/O capacity. Outputs are processed when instructions are executed (direct outputs). maximum 128 I/O pts Program capacity 3.2K words DM capacity 1K words NO RS232C port on CQM-CPU11

Omron CQM1-CPU21-E
Omron CQM1-CPU21-E PLC Programmable Controller CPU UnitThe CQM1 is a compact, high-speed PC composed of a Power Supply Unit, a CPU Unit, and I/O Units. All of these Units connect at the sides to form a single PC, which is normally mounted to a DIN track.All CQM1 CPU Units, except for the CQM1-CPU11-E, are equipped with an RS-232C port that can be connecteddirectly toa host computer, another CQM1, or other serial devices.Main FeaturesMaximum I/O points 128 ptsProgram capacity 3.2K wordsDM capacity 1K wordsRS-232C port

Omron CQM1-ID211
Omron CQM1-ID211 24-VDC Input Unitno coverInput Voltage 12 to 24 VDC +10%/--15%Input Impedance 2.4 kΩInput Current 10 mA typical (at 24 VDC)ON Voltage 10.2 VDC min.OFF Voltage 3.0 VDC max.8 points (independent commons)

Omron CQM1-ID212
Omron CQM1-ID212 24-VDC Input UnitInput Voltage 24 VDC +10%/--15%Input Impedance 3.9 kΩInput Current 6 mA typical (at 24 VDC)ON Voltage 14.4 VDC min.OFF Voltage 5.0 VDC max.No. of Inputs 16 points (16 points/common, 1 circuit)Missing Plastic Lid

Omron CQM1-ID213
Omron CQM1-ID213 Input Unit 32 Points24 VDC, 4 mA32 Points

Omron CQM1-IPS01
Omron CQM1-IPS01 Power Supply Unit

Omron CQM1-ME04K
Omron CQM1-ME04K Memory Card

Omron CQM1-ME04R
Omron CQM1-ME04R PLC Memory Card with clock

Omron CQM1-ME08R
Omron CQM1-ME08R Memory Card with clock

Omron CQM1-OD211
Omron CQM1-OD211 PLC Transistor Output Module 8 output points, 2A

Omron CQM1-OD212
Omron CQM1-OD212 Transistor Output Module 16pts PNP16 output points, 0.3 AMax. Switching Capacity - 50 mA at 4.5 VDC to 300 mA at 26.4 VInternal Current Consumption - 170 mA max. at 5 VDC

Omron CQM1-PA203
Omron CQM1-PA203 PLC Power Supply Supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Operating voltage range: 85 to 264 VAC Operating frequency range: 47 to 63 Hz Output capacity 5 VDC: 3.6 A (18 W) Power consumption: 60 VA max.

Omron CQM1-PD026
Omron CQM1-PD026 24V DC 50W Power Supply for CQM1 Series PLCSupply voltage 24VOperating voltage range 20 to 28 VDC Power consumption 50W Max Inrush current 30A Max Output capacity 5 VDC: 6 A (30 W)

Omron CQM1-SRM21-V1
Compobus/S Master Unit for CQM1A maximum of 128 I/O points available (Possible to set 32, 64, or 128 I/O points).Connects to a maximum of 16/32 Slaves.Communications cycle time: 0.5 ms max. (at baudrate 750 kbps).Communications distance: Extended to 500 m max. (at baud rate 93.75 kbps).Connection to Analog Terminals now supported

Omron CQM1-TC102
Omron CQM1-TC102 Temperature Control Unit PT100Fully TestedFeaturesThe PID with advanced feed-forward circuitry (2 degrees of freedom) of the CQM1-TC00@/TC10@ assures stable temperature control. The Units can be set to ON/OFF control.CQM1-TC00@ Temperature Control Units for thermocouples and CQM1-TC10@ Temperature Control Units for platinum resistance thermometers are available. Each Temperature Control Unit can be used for two-loop temperature control.Input Sensors and set point rangesSensors used with platinum resistance thermometersJPt100: –99.9 to 450.0 °C (–99.9 to 800.0 °F)Pt100: –99.9 to 450.0 °C (–99.9 to 800.0 °F)Control outputPNP output with short-circuit protectionPower supply voltage: 24 VDC +10%/–15%Maximum switching capacity: 100 mA per outputControl ModeON/OFF or advanced PID control (2 degrees of freedom)

Omron CQM1H-CPU51
Omron CQM1H-CPU51 Programmable Controller CPU Unit The CQM1H’s rack-less modular design lets you customize your control system by adding “inner boards” for advanced functions, as well as specialized I/O and communications modules. CQM1H offers the most flexibility of all PLC systems in its class. 4 different base CPUs to choose from; 16 DC inputs built in; expands up to 512 points No separate backplane required Inner Boards allow “customized” configuration of the CPU Serial communications inner board supports protocol macro feature for communication with third-party serial devices Supports all existing and new CQM1 I/O and specialized I/O modules Optional memory cassettes allow backup of sensitive data, provides a real-time clock ControllerLink network transmits 8 kword data packets at up to 2 Mbps; 32 nodes Advanced instruction set includes PID, floating point CompoBus/S, SYSMAC BUS and AS-interface masters support remote I/O 7.2 kwords of program memory

Omron CQM1H-IC101
Omron CQM1H-IC101 I/O Control Unit

Omron CQM1H-ME16R
Omron CQM1H-ME16R Memory Card

Omron CQM1H-PLB21
Omron CQM1H-PLB21 Pulse I/O Board

Omron CQM1H-SCB41
Omron CQM1H-SCB41 Serial Communications Board One RS-232 portOne RS-422A/485 port The Serial Communications Board is an Inner Board for the CQM1H-series PCs. One Board can be installed in Inner Board slot 1 of a CQM1H-series CPU Unit. The Board cannot be installed in slot 2. The Board provides two serial communications ports for connecting host computers, Programmable Terminals (PTs), general-purpose external devices, and Programming Devices (excluding Programming Consoles). This makes it possible to easily increase the number of serial communications ports for a CQM1H-series PC. The Serial Communications Board is an option that can be mounted in the CPU Unit to increase the number of serial ports without using an I/O slot. It supports protocol macros (which are not supported by the ports built into the CPU Units), allowing easy connection to general-purpose devices that have a serial port. Both RS-232C and RS-422A/485 ports are provided. The RS-422A/485 port enables 1:N connections to general-purpose external devices without going through Converting Link Adapters. The 1:N connections can be used with protocol macros or 1:N-mode NT Links.